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5 Key features to look for in home care software with AI scheduling capabilities 

When it comes to managing vacant visits at a home care organization, we know what a cumbersome and time-intensive process this is for any team. We hear many stories from our customers of the countless hours and extraordinary effort that it takes to consistently schedule vacant visits.  

Being able to efficiently fill these open visits is crucial for any care provider. It not only impacts how a carer is matched to a client but also affects the quality of care delivered. With organizations continuing to face mounting scheduling challenges and workforce shortages in the wake of COVID-19, AI-driven technology is emerging as a game-changing tool for providers.  

AlayaCare is at the cutting edge of this technology with the new Visit Optimizer, which offers AI-powered scheduling capabilities to care providers. In a recent live platform tour, AlayaCare’s experts showcased the power of Visit Optimizer, highlighting the five key features that organizations should look for when considering a home care software platform with AI scheduling capabilities. 

1. Automated scheduling 

The product tour highlighted how Visit Optimizer can effectively automate the manual process of assigning caregivers to vacant visits. The result for providers is seamless, streamlined scheduling and the power to reduce client wait times. Organizations require a solution that accurately matches and assigns caregivers to vacant visits based on their proximity, qualifications, and any other defined parameters.  

By automating this experience, Visit Optimizer saves valuable time and resources, allowing organizations to focus on delivering quality care to their clients. It also helps to reduce stress for the caregivers on the frontline, ensuring that they are assigned visits that are most convenient and suitable for them. 


  • Reduces manual scheduling efforts 
  • Improves care worker productivity 
  • Reduces client wait times 

2. Dynamic filters 

Visit Optimizer offers different filters to assist home care organizations in targeting the specific vacant visits they need to fill, at any given time. The platform tour showcased different filters available, which can include a range of parameters, such as minimizing travel time, maximizing continuity of care, maximizing skills matching, and minimizing wait times. The solution offers a dynamic algorithm that automatically accounts for these parameters to fill specific visits with the most suitable caregiver. 


  • Adjust parameters to fill open spots automatically  
  • Increases efficiency by reducing time spent scheduling 
  • Improves care worker satisfaction and patient outcomes 

3. Bulk assignments 

Visit Optimizer allows providers to offer out assignments in bulk for vacant visits. It also offers the ability to bulk assign the visit to specific employees and to assign shifts through the optimizer. As our experts demonstrated, the powerful Visit Optimizer takes into account the continuity of care, ensuring that clients receive care from employees who are best suited to their needs. AlayaCare’s new feature makes it easier to fill multiple vacant visits with the same caregiver, optimizing the use of their time, while also reducing travel time and increasing productivity. 


  • Reduces travel time and enhances productivity 
  • Improves the delivery of quality care 
  • Preserves continuity of care for clients 

4. Profile matching 

A crucial component of scheduling is to ensure that the right caregiver is matched to each client. Visit Optimizer identifies the best carer based on availability, skills and qualifications, allowing organizations to more efficiently offer and negotiate with care workers for vacant visits. This feature saves providers the time they normally spend on manually searching and matching caregivers to fill vacant visits. When the best carers are consistently and accurately matched to clients, organizations can simultaneously improve employee satisfaction, and enhance the care delivered to their communities.  


  • Reduces time and resources spent on scheduling 
  • Increases employee satisfaction by matching visits to the most suitable carers 
  • Minimizes the risk of cancellations caused by incompatible profile matching 

5. Business objective alignment 

Visit Optimizer can align scheduling practices with targeted business objectives, such as reducing operational costs, and improving the delivery of care for employees and clients. By automating the scheduling process, organizations can save valuable resources, reduce their administrative burden, and enhance their overall staff and client experiences. Visit Optimizer is a feature that has been carefully designed to keep care providers on top of their business objectives, gain a true competitive advantage, and drive better outcomes for their communities.  


  • Reduces operational costs and admin burden 
  • Improves care and patient outcomes 
  • Increases client and staff satisfaction 

Our recent Live Platform Tour of the Visit Optimizer provides crucial insight into what organizations can look for when considering the use of AI-driven scheduling software. It’s essential for providers to explore solutions that feature automated scheduling, adjustable filters, bulk assignments, profile matching, and business objective alignment.  

Live Platform Tour: Introducing AlayaCare's New Visit Optimizer

By implementing a tool like Visit Optimizer, providers can achieve the many benefits of a streamlined and enhanced scheduling process – which ultimately leads to better outcomes for their business, staff and clients. 

Want to find out more about the power of AI-driven scheduling software? Chat with our team today about how Visit Optimizer can propel your organization toward innovation and deliver better outcomes for your teams, and your clients.  

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