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Collaborate quickly and easily with AlayaCare Secure Messaging

Improving collaboration among staff is a top priority for many home care agencies. However, a solution needs to be secure and encrypted when discussing client information through a HIPAA-compliant* communication system. Most agencies find themselves juggling multiple different solutions for communication and work function, such as texting, email, voice notes, phone calls etc. However, not all systems are compliant…which can result in severe penalties.  

What is secure messaging and why is it important for home care organizations? 

Secure messaging allows caregivers and nurses to communicate and collaborate in real-time with key care team members and back-office administrators over a secure messaging platform that protects PHI (Personal Health Information) so employees can communicate compliantly.  Having a secure messaging system for your organization maintains client privacy while improving the way your organization collaborates and delivers care.  

It is vital to have a communication platform that is encrypted and meets health information privacy laws, such as HIPAA and PIPEDA, to keep PHI safe within internal communications between caregivers and other staff.  

What are the consequences of not having a compliant messaging system in-home care? 

HIPAA compliance and security are critical for employee messaging: “A data breach or security incident that results from any violation could see separate fines issued for different aspects of the breach under multiple security and privacy standards. A fine of $50,000 could, in theory, be issued for any violation of HIPAA rules; however minor.” 

Data residency and control of client information – Information is stored in the regions where clients operate. With Secure Messaging, your agency can rest assured that it is in compliance with data residency laws. Additionally, PHI and messages sent through Secure Messaging are stored for a set time frame allowing agencies access and control of their information. Current solutions do not give agencies the ability to own PHI or determine where patient information is stored. 

Learn more about the consequences of HIPAA compliance violation here.  

Introducing AlayaCare’s new feature: Secure Messaging 

With AlayaCare’s Secure Messaging, your teams can increase collaboration and transparency, have better response time, and have more accurate decision-making out in the field. This compliant feature, with end-to-end encryption, allows instant and secure two-way dialogue amongst caregivers and back-office staff anytime, anywhere. With our Secure Messaging feature, you can ensure the protection and security of all your clients’ electronic information exchanged by you and your care team. 




Two-way instant messaging

Increased two-way collaboration amongst agency employees

Streamline care delivery documentation

Enables your staff to upload and share files between employees compliantly in real-time

HIPAA compliant system with end-to-end encryption 

Protected Information security and a reduction in compliance risk

Built within AC Cloud 

No need to juggle between multiple platforms 

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“It’s important for our customers to feel confident knowing that vital client information is protected,” said Patrick Charbonneau, Senior Vice President of Product at AlayaCare. “If we can help our customers mitigate compliance risks while improving the delivery of care, we’re another step closer in our mission to enabling better outcomes.”

AlayaCare Press Release

What are the benefits of Secure Messaging? 

Enhance efficiency by eliminating the need to access a separate application to send and receive messages. Empower your staff to converse in real-time pre, during and post-care to help improve the delivery of care and enable better outcomes. 

Two-way instant messaging between staff 

  • One-to-one messaging: A message is sent directly from one employee to another instantly. 
  • One-Many Messaging: A care coordinator sends a message to a group of caregivers instantly. 

Increase collaboration, transparency and connectivity amongst your staff.

  • Caregivers can collaborate within care teams and exchange important information with each other securely and in real time. 
  • All communications are secured through TLS and AES256 encryption, which allows you to have an instant, two-way dialogue amongst care staff securely at anytime, anywhere.   

Enhance care team efficiency

  • Keep your whole team informed of your client’s care progress and continuity with instant messaging that stores communications for up to six months.   
  • Reach caregivers instantly to notify them of last-minute schedule changes using our direct or group in-app messaging.

Information security and a reduction in compliance risk 

  • Have peace of mind that important information is kept protected by providing your team with HIPAA-compliant instant messaging. 
  • Messages are end-to-end encrypted and therefore secure. 

Streamline care delivery documentation

  • Instantly share files and images between employees, meeting all your documentation needs while ensuring compliance.
  • Automatically upload files into the client or employee profile, reducing the manual documentation burden on your back-office staff. This saves time and effort, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.
  • Integrate and centralize your staff’s messaging and file-sharing needs. This eliminates the need for inefficient, insecure, and siloed tools, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Work and communicate in one-platform 

Secure Messaging is integrated into the AlayaCare Cloud platform, creating an all-in-one comprehensive solution for your home care agency and team members. 

Your feedback helps us continually improve our product and meet the evolving needs of our users. So, if you have additional product feedback, we want to hear from you! Visit the AlayaCare Ideas Forum to share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our software to better serve your needs. 

*The Secure Messaging premium feature is also fully-compliant with Canadian PIPEDA and the Australian Privacy Act of 1988.

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