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Learn about your AlayaCare team

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Account Executive

Once you join the AlayaCare family, your account executive will connect you to your new Account Manager and Client Services Representative to begin your implementation journey. They’ll stay involved during the first few meetings to provide the implementation team with a better understanding of your project’s scope, background, and objectives.


Client Services Representative

Your client services representative will meet you once you are ready to implement AlayaCare. They will be responsible for guiding your team through the full implementation processes from start to finish, so expect to see a lot of them! You can learn more about the implementation process in depth by reading our full implementation blog here.


Strategic Account Manager

You’ll meet your strategic manager shortly after you sign up with AlayaCare. You will continue connecting with them throughout your journey, including post-implementation. They are responsible for supporting you with any business-related decisions during or post-implementation. Once you are finished with implementation, they will help you achieve your long-term goals and reap the benefits of the AlayaCare software. Should you decide that you want to implement a new service with AlayaCare, your Account Manager will help you with any information you need to optimize your business potential.


Client Experience Associate

Once your organization is ready to go live and is stabilizing, you will be introduced to the Client Experience team and the AlayaCare Zendesk support community. You’ll be able to reach Client Experience Associates via live chat or by submitting a ticket for review. The Client Experience Associates are product experts who can connect you with our knowledge base and advocate for you to get the answers you need.


Client Experience Manager

The Client Experience Manager oversees pods of client experience associates. They are proper to use consultants (think Genius Bar). If an issue gets escalated, they are the first line of defense. Customers can count on them to ensure quality, swift resolution, and provide additional product insights.