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AIRDOCS Offers Custom Communications to AlayaCare Clients

AlayaCare is fortunate to enjoy many strong partnerships with companies whose tools amplify our software platform and provide even greater value to our clients. One such company is AIRDOCS, whose friendly staff you may have met at our Better Outcomes Conferences this past year in Niagara Falls, Canada and Adelaide, Australia.

If you weren’t in attendance to hear their presentation live, here’s the scoop: AIRDOCS offers a multi-channel, next generation cloud platform to help companies simplify and expedite the design, creation and delivery of all customer communications. From emails to invoices, AIRDOCS ensures that every message is functionally designed, personalized and actionable — delivered via each customer’s preferred channels.   

For agencies using the AlayaCare platform, it proves to be a turnkey solution to capture, pull, and analyze relevant data — and then customize and share that data with clients in minutes.

AIRDOCS’ leading CCM technology 

AIRDOCS was started in Australia by customer communications experts who recognized there had to be a better way to manage one of the most important — yet time consuming — tasks: communicating with clients.

AIRDOCS understands that relationships are the foundation of good business and ongoing, personalized messaging through multiple touchpoints is key to maintaining strong links to customers. Yet, as the company so aptly puts it: “It’s never been easier to send a message and it’s never been harder to be heard.” 

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That’s why it’s so important to ensure every digital message carries the more personal sense of face-to-face conversation. AIRDOCS does so through unprecedented deployment flexibility and giving clients full control over what is sent out and when — but without the typical time and cost investment required of custom communications.  

The software integrates best-of-breed Customer Communications Management (CCM) components into a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform where content is held in a single, secure location and the management of data processing, marketing and distribution is fast and easy.

To give one example of AIRDOCS in action: a leading health insurer in Australia needed to notify more than 680,000 policyholders about their new premiums. Such a difficult message to communicate often results in complaints and even loss of clients. Traditionally, the insurer had used a “one-size fits all” approach to notify customers of changes, with very little tailored information. By moving to AIRDOCS, policyholders were able to get a much clearer understanding of the price changes that affected them, including highly tailored and relevant messaging about the value of their membership.

AIRDOCS in the AlayaSphere

AlayaCare is helping transplant AIRDOCS technology from Australian to North American home care agencies by including it in our AlayaSphere.

Because our software platform was built to be flexible as possible, many applications and solutions offered by other companies can be integrated right into AlayaCare’s technology. The AlayaSphere is home now to a broad range of apps and web services that are neatly foldable into our platform.

AIRDOCS joins a range of solutions including Google, Waystar and WalkMe that, when synced with the full suite AlayaCare software, help clients streamline data and be as productive as possible. Over time, more and more leading business technology offerings will be offered in the AlayaSphere to help home care clients across the world run their operation from one place.

Contact us any time to learn more about AIRDOCS and all of the turnkey solutions available to our clients in the AlayaSphere.

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