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3 benefits of interoperability and integrated APIs with AlayaCare’s Connector for home-based care

Home care and home health businesses that use application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect their day-to-day software systems and apps can quickly create and support new experiences and solutions for their clients, employees, and partners.

However, delivering and integrating APIs takes an incredible amount of expertise and stamina. According to an article in the Tech Republic, many businesses say they expect APIs to improve client experiences and speed up innovation.

“One barrier to this collaboration is that 86% of respondents do not have a single platform for accessing available APIs.” 

Tech Republic

Quick definitions

API (application programming interface) is a set of tools, definitions, and protocols for integrating application software and services.

Integrating APIs achieves interoperability.

Interoperability is the ability of different systems and applications to communicate and exchange data with each other seamlessly. It’s quickly becoming an industry standard as more and more healthcare organizations recognize its importance in providing better patient care.

Connecting systems and apps in-house: Average cost and time businesses spend working on APIs 

Based on a 2023 State of API Report developed by Postman, the integration ecosystem is growing globally and developers are spending more time and money on developing APIs. According to the report, 53% of respondents that work on APIs in their businesses are non-developers.   

When it comes to measuring time spent working with APIs, the figures on 2023’s chart are similar to last year’s: 26% of respondents spend over 20 hours a week working with APIs. 

Based on a 2023 State of API Report

As the results above show, not all businesses and agencies have in-house developers readily available to work on APIs and connecting various systems, leading home-based care organizations to outsource the development, which increases overall costs. 

Some of the other main obstacles to producing and leveraging APIs reported in recent years were: 

  • Lack of time – 45% 
  • Complexity – 38%
  • Lack of knowledge – 34% 
  • Lack of people – 34% 

Organizations’ investment of time and resources into APIs will increase or stay the same over the next 12 months, said 92% of respondents. That’s up from 89% last year and may reflect a sense among some quarters that the worst of tech’s economic contraction has passed.

Based on a 2023 State of API Report

Most home-based care organizations don’t have the time and resources to invest into API development in-house or afford to hire a developer.

An easier solution? A single software platform for that integrates and accesses available APIs for you  

Currently, there is not one single home care software platform that allows users to easily integrate external systems through APIs without the need to code or hire developers to implement…until now.   

AlayaCare Connector, is a premium feature in AlayaCare Cloud that will allow users to easily integrate external systems through our open API. With this feature enabled, you can start automating your business even further by not only connecting any of your day-to-day systems with AlayaCare but also streamlining workflows within AlayaCare. 

No more getting stuck in siloed software platforms! 

AlayaCare Connector is a new feature where care providers can:

  1. Reduce manual processes in AlayaCare with automated workflows  
  2. Integrate external applications with open APIs to streamline data between systems

1. Automate any workflow in your business 

Users can now tackle simple and complex workflows without losing efficiency. Use the AlayaCare Connector to streamline the flow of data and reduce manual data entry on processes such as client intake, employee onboarding, form submission, and so much more.  

Some examples of automation that have already been built by care providers using AlayaCare Connector: 

  1. Applicant tracking systems: Create external forms for potential prospects to apply to work at your agency/company, that can automatically translate into a client profile.  
  2. Role switch: Large agencies have the need to enable certain permissions on a nightly basis to enable selected caregivers to perform certain duties at night. The roles need to be switched back in the morning. The automated process does it for you, saving hundreds of hours and mistakes. 
  3. Visit cancellation SMS notification: Notify Caregivers via text message that a visit was canceled. 

2. Connect any app or API to AlayaCare Cloud 

Through a simple drag-and-drop visual builder, AlayaCare Connector allows users to visualize, design, and integrate AlayaCare with hundreds of apps in minutes. 

Agencies can now focus on their day-to-day operations rather than writing code or paying external consultants to build integrations for them.  

Just a few examples of external systems compatible with AlayaCare Connector: 

  • Jotform  
  • Quickbooks 
  • HRS systems 
  • ADP 
  • HubSpot 
  • And more… 

3. Reduce manual work and provide staff with more flexibility 

Harness the power of efficiency with our easy-to-use, low/no-code middleware. With just a bit of training, anyone on your team can manage it internally, saving you the time and cost associated with hiring an external consultant or relying on in-house coding experts.

Imagine the countless hours your agency can save by eliminating manual work. Our feature is designed to streamline operations so that you can focus on what truly matters – providing outstanding care to your clients.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our solution also offers caregivers and/or nurses unparalleled flexibility when using the AlayaCare platform. With our intuitive interface and user-friendly design, they can personalize their use of the platform to fit their unique needs.

  • Easy to Manage: No need for advanced coding knowledge or external consultants.
  • Efficiency Boost: Reduces manual work, freeing up valuable time.
  • Flexibility: Caregivers and nurses can tailor their use of the AlayaCare platform to their specific requirements.

How CSI Pharmacy utilized Connector to optimize their operations.

With Connector, it’s a no-code API tool which is so fantastically easy,” said Conner Nelson, Director of Operations at CSI Pharmacy.

See AlayaCare Connector in action

Want to see how you can start integrating systems and automating workflows in just a few simple clicks? Watch our Live Platform Tour Webinar below to learn more.

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