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Secure Messaging

HIPAA-secure messaging to improve the way your teams collaborate and deliver care.

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Enhance care team efficiency

Simplify communication and enable real-time collaboration and document syncs between care team members and back-office administrators over a secure network. Secure Messaging includes a company directory allowing you to create individual and group chats and provides automatic delivery and read notifications.

Increased collaboration amongst agency employees

Enhance clinical workflows and maintain patient privacy while improving your organization's overall care and safety through seamless communication within your home-based care organization. Secure Messaging allows you to have instant, two-way dialogue and document sharing amongst care staff securely at anytime, anywhere.

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Secure Messaging - Minimize data security risks

Minimize data security Risks

The AlayaCare Secure Messaging feature allows for PHI data residency capability, and control of client information storage, and is secured through TLS and AES256 encryption; making the feature compliant under HIPAA as well as Canadian PIPEDA and the Australian Privacy Act of 1988. Feel confident knowing that vital client information is protected.

Streamline Care Delivery Documentation

Optimize collaboration by integrating and centralizing your staff’s messaging and file-sharing needs in Secure Messaging. The new Secure Messaging Attachments feature enables your staff to upload and share files between employees compliantly in real-time. Say goodbye to inefficient, insecure, and siloed file-sharing tools.

Secure Messaging Attachments by AlayaCare

Benefits of Secure Messaging

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In-app secure messaging

Reach caregivers instantly to notify them of last-minute schedule changes using our direct or group in-app messaging.

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HIPAA + PIPEDA compliant

Have peace of mind that important information is kept protected by providing your team with health information privacy compliant instant messaging and file-sharing.

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Empower care teams

Keep your whole team informed of your client's care progress and continuity with instant messaging that stores communications for up to six months.

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