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Transforming Home Care with AI: How Machine Learning and Optimization Algorithms Are Impacting Care Delivery

Home care agencies face unprecedented staffing challenges, and technology has become a go-to solution for agencies to automate processes and increase efficiency. Conversations of automation tools and machine learning may naturally raise fear among your workforce that advanced tech will eventually replace jobs. However, while advanced tech may radically alter how a home care agency operates, the technology’s greater impact should be seen as augmenting human capabilities and benefiting an organization as a whole.

Data experts sit down to discuss the implications and opportunities of AI and machine learning in the home care industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The current optimization and machine learning tools being developed for the home-based care industry
  • How advanced tech could help automate processes, increase efficiency, and combat staffing challenges
  • What impact these tools may have on the employee and client experience
  • What steps your organization can take to get started with machine learning and optimization algorithms today

Now is the perfect opportunity for home care organizations to start leveraging advanced technology and look toward a future of endless possibilities.