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2020 home-based care technology report

The 2020 Home-Based Care Technology Survey and Report sheds light on the ways home care organizations are thinking about and using technology to deliver virtual care.

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In this era of value-based payment models and rapidly spreading infectious diseases, home-based care providers are steadily increasing their utilization of technologies that help them virtually deliver care. From telephones to live video to online family portals to artificial intelligence, providers have a range of tools at their disposal to safely and efficiently bring top-flight care to patients

But there remains room for growth. A significant number of home-based care providers report that they are either unsure about the value of these tools, getting by without them or not seeing enough client demand to implement them.

Those insights and more are from the 2020 Home-Based Care Technology Survey and Report, brought to you by HHCN in a partnership with AlayaCare Inc. We hope these industry insights will help you and your business into 2021.