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The Faces of Our Workforce Strategies to Recruit and Retain Caregivers

It’s no secret that home-based care agencies face a huge challenge: caregiver retention. Even after the often-difficult task of recruiting caregivers, 57% turn over within the first 3 months of employment. As a result, 85% of all home care providers are currently turning away cases due to lack of staff.In this webinar, our expert speakers will share data and insights into why caregivers turn over plus several impactful ways to improve your caregivers’ experience to naturally increase employee retention and engagement, improve client outcomes, and boost revenue and business performance.


  • Latest workforce trends affecting caregivers and agencies
  • How to recruit, engage, and retain the seven caregiver personas (insights from the 2022-2023 Direct Care Workforce report)
  • Impactful strategies and tools to improve your caregivers’ experience