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AlayaCare Promotes Mobile-First Experience for Frontline Caregivers

Home and community care providers embracing technology are increasingly turning to AlayaCare’s end-to-end platform as it promotes a mobile-first experience for frontline caregivers. Access to real-time client information at the point of care contributes to improved business operations and enhances the patient experience.

“We are transforming how home care is delivered because technology helps provide a higher quality of care,” said Adrian Schauer, CEO, AlayaCare. “We incorporate mobile innovations in so many aspects of our daily lives that clients and their families should expect technology to improve their wellbeing and help them remain in the community.”

The AlayaCare mobile app was designed with input from care providers. The feature-rich environment provides real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, risk assessments, time tracking, client data, and clinical forms.


Agencies and employees can sync their clinical documents and care plans, while simultaneously receiving important updates. Clinical data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based environment, which means that providers have the ability to pull up a clients’ care plan and document their progress in real time, from anywhere on any device.

While the app provides convenient access to critical information, it also helps eliminates paperwork and timesheets. Caregivers are better prepared for client visits and spend less time on secondary tasks like data entry and tracking travel.

“Caregivers want to provide the best possible care and our mobile technology goes a long way to relieving the many inefficiencies that contribute to employee churn. The mobile app makes it easier for nurses, therapists and caregivers to focus on the people that they help every day,” continued Schauer.

For administrators, schedulers and coordinators, the mobile app offers a seamless connection to the back office, electronic health records, field staff information, and the family portal, while streamlining accounting and performance management. It also provides a comprehensive view of the business that facilitates actionable and data-driven insights to continuously improve client care.


About AlayaCare 
AlayaCare’s unique platform includes Back Office, Client and Family Portals, Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and Mobile Care Worker functionality in one integrated, highly robust and secure, cloud-based system. AlayaCare is providing the platform for Home and Community Care organizations to propel towards innovation and home care of the future. AlayaCare was founded in 2014.

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