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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Stay Compliant with AlayaCare’s GPS-Enabled Mobile Care App

The technology market offers no shortage of solutions that could meet the new requirements — but for agencies with more progressive strategies, the Cures Act is a timely backdrop to think more broadly, and seize an opportunity to differentiate service.

If you’re in a state with an open or provider choice mandate, take the time to pause, reflect, and think beyond the January 1st, 2020 deadline for EVV.

AlayaCare’s home care software is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution with an incorporated mobile, GPS-based EVV that works seamlessly across all modules. Don’t let accountability get in the way of providing better client outcomes.

Introducing AlayaCare’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Solution 

Comply with government mandates, operate more efficiently and gain reliable proof of visit with AlayaCare’s Electronic Visit Verification Solution.  

With this new feature, your agency can: 

  • Gain reliable proof of visit
  • Increase compliance and efficiency
  • Capture GPS-enabled verification or IVR (telephony)
  • Generate date and time stamped visit reports
  • Create and receive real-time schedule updates
  • Categorize and analyze visit data with advanced reporting
  • Benefit from secure communication between care workers and the office


Agency challenges and how AlayaCare EVV solves them: 

Challenge #1

Many organizations still don’t have an adequate software solution that enables candidates to easily check-in to client visits or submit real-time data to remain compliant with state EVV mandates. Home care continues to be labor intensive largely because several stakeholders remain loyal to the paper world.


AlayaCare is an end-to-end software platform with a fully integrated and compliant EVV solution that allows care workers to document their visits in real-time, at the point of care, enabling seamless tracking of activities. If you’re in an open or provider choice state, AlayaCare could be the solution for you.

Challenge #2

Many software vendors don’t offer a mobile app resulting in tedious processes for visit verification. Some organizations are finding the need to outsource to a third party EVV vendor which can be quite costly.


AlayaCare’s integrated EVV solution is built into our native mobile app, resulting in seamless clock-in, clock-out functionality, GPS verification and an offline mode for areas out of cellular or Wi-Fi range.

Challenge #3

Many caregivers, particularly those working in remote areas but also for some in urban centres, often travel extensive distances or into unfamiliar neighborhoods. 


Aside from remaining compliant, being able to offer peace of mind that the home office can check in and verify location in real-time is a subtle, but real, added perk for top talent.


Challenge #4

Some home care EVV solutions lack critical Quality Assurance resulting in hours of post-visit data validating.


AlayaCare has built in QA best practices. Business rules and logic streamline the approvals process. Visits that violate logic are flagged as red. Agencies can adjust certain settings for automated approval:

  • Start time allowance (what is the permitted clock-in time vs. scheduled start time)
  • Visit duration (what is the percentage of time completed vs. scheduled time)
  • Authorizations (was a visit within the limits of the payer)
  • GPS/Telephony exceptions (are there differences between GPS distance and a client’s address)
  • Tasks completed (what constitutes a required task that is finished) 


Check out the AlayaCare EVV feature

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s Electronic Visit Verification tool can drive your organization forward by clicking the link below.


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