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Success story: How integrations improved business processes for CSI Pharmacy  

Creating efficiencies has been an ongoing theme for most businesses, including pharmacies and agencies for home-based care. One way that these businesses are gaining operational efficiencies is by leveraging integrations and workflows. 

To provide insights on how integrations and workflows can improve business processes, we interviewed a customer who successfully leveraged technology solutions to gain efficiencies that are helping them expand and grow their business. 

How integrations are improving efficiencies 

According to Conner Nelson, Director of Operations at CSI Pharmacy, integrating technology solutions has enabled CSI Pharmacy to automate many of their manual tasks, resulting in significant efficiency gains, and, more importantly, reducing the margins of error. Without workflows, Nelson shared, “With anything manually entered, you just tripled the margin of error, and for CSI, this is a huge issue.” By having all their systems connected, they can easily access information across platforms without having to manually copy and paste data.  

Additionally, with integrated systems and streamlined workflows, staff are not filling their time with “busy work”; someone’s time instead could be spent on critical thinking applications. Nelson also shared that manual data entry is “the lowest quality of work you can do, but it also has the most impact if you make a mistake.” For CSI, they’ve placed a big focus on integrations this year to make sure that they fully reduce any double documentation. 

Specific integrations or workflows that have had the biggest impact 

Nelson shared that they have four main tech systems they work with, each being the best in their functional area, with AlayaCare being the software for their nursing business line. The challenge then was how to ensure data moves between all four systems, and which becomes the source of truth – especially if not all systems are as advanced technologically as AlayaCare. With AlayaCare’s Connector tool, CSI has been able to build workflows easily and quickly, allowing the right data to flow between their four systems while maintaining accuracy and reducing manual input. “With Connector, it’s a no-code API tool which is so fantastically easy,” said Nelson.  

With these workflows, “time back to the staff is the most critical efficiency we have gained,” said Nelson. By automating certain processes, Nelson shared that staff could put their time toward value-added work, which makes them happier in their role and improves retention.  

“With these workflows, a nurse can spend time reflecting on the visit and identifying if there were any details that stood out instead of spending copious amounts of time transposing demographic details to ad nauseam. By focusing on the actual visit, and not data entry, they can focus on better patient care.” 

Conner Nelson, Director of Operations at CSI Pharmacy

Effects on team productivity and task management 

As a result of CSI’s new workflows, they have seen a significant boost in productivity. By automating many of their manual tasks, they have more time to focus on higher-value activities, specifically providing better patient care.  

“By pulling information from the silos they have lived in, it is helping the entire network of care to see that information and incorporate that into their care delivery. This has helped us provide more knowledge to nurses on what is happening on the pharmacy side, and vice versa. So, when they are in the home, the nurse can provide more patient-centered care.”

Conner Nelson, Director of Operations at CSI Pharmacy

How can your technology partner support building efficiencies? 

Whenever selecting a technology to help fill a gap within your organization, it’s important to look for one that comes to the table as a partner and not just software. A great technology partner can help identify opportunities and leverage your current tech stack to improve your workflows, build efficiencies, and, in turn, grow your business.  

“AlayaCare has been such a great partner in this space [for us]. The AlayaCare infusion team has always come to the table with industry knowledge, but as a partner, they know our business so well, that they have helped us identify issues we may not have known about.”

Conner Nelson, Director of Operations at CSI Pharmacy

Overcoming challenges encountered during integration 

It’s not uncommon to encounter challenges during the integration process. With these new workflows, CSI shared that they didn’t see results from day one. They were able to overcome these challenges by taking a strategic approach and working closely with their technology providers, and from there, staff started to see the benefits that came with these workflows.  


Integrating technology solutions can significantly improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and profitability for pharmacies and agencies. By taking a strategic approach to implementing technology solutions, businesses can streamline their workflows, reduce manual tasks, and achieve their business goals. 

About CSI Pharmacy 

CSI Pharmacy provides complex therapies to patients in the home setting, ensuring all patients receive the highest level of care and comfort.  

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