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Machine learning: 3 key benefits in home care 

Machine learning is quickly becoming an integral part of home care. With automation solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA). Machine learning in home care involves the use of algorithms and statistical models to improve the quality of care and the efficiency of care delivery. It can help automate and optimize various tasks, such as predicting patient needs, managing schedules, and analyzing patient data.  

3 key benefits of machine learning in home care: 

1. Enables quick adaptability

These technologies allow machines to learn and execute tasks based on rules. As new data becomes available, updated algorithms can reflect changing trends and patterns in patient behavior. This makes it easier to improve the quality of care over time.

2. Reduces time and resources needed for training and retraining staff

Training and retraining humans, while necessarily important in certain situations, can be costly and time-consuming as it takes away resources from the actual delivery of care. This is important, especially where staff turnover is high and with limited resources for training and development. Machine learning automates tasks and simplifies processes, which reduces the need for extensive training and allows staff to focus on delivering care. 

3. Organizations can scale more easily

With machine learning/automation scaling an organization is more efficient. As processes have already been developed and established, they can be easily replicated and expanded. Thus, reducing the time and resources needed to manage and maintain operations. Ultimately, it can make a difference where the demand for services is rapidly increasing and organizations must find ways to meet this demand while maintaining high standards of quality. 

See how Bien Chez Soi managed to quickly adapt, retain their staff and grow their business after adopting a home care software platform with machine learning capabilities: 

“The agile nature of the platform allows us the flexibility to adjust to any evolution in our care environment. Whether that’s a merger or a pandemic, we can adapt and deploy the technology optimally to enable our clinicians to focus on care and not on administrative technology. The ease of use and scalability lets our clinicians perform at their highest levels.” 

Brett Michalak, Chief Information Officer, Option Care Health
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